Tuesday, September 4, 2012

10 Day You Challege: 7 Wants

Bought all the stuff to check something off my list! I'm hoping to get it done tonight and have a post about it for tomorrow! I was being a tad lazy yesterday, my allergies have been killing me so I took a Benadryl and it pretty much knocked me out for 12 hours...so no crafting got done but it's okay I think I needed to catch up on my sleep.

So it's Tuesday and that means I'm back again linking up for the 10 Day You Challenge. Today it's 7 wants.

1. A new car

I really want a small SUV. I have a 2 door Honda and it doesn't really cut it when toting the dogs around. Ripley barely fits in it. Also, I like to think about the future and kids. I will definitely need a 4 door something. I'm especially partial to a Volkswagen Tiguan...love them! Maybe when I have a big girl job...

2. My big girl job

I have my business degree but never really found anything that interested me. I live in a small town so it is incredibly hard to find something that 1. wanted me and 2. I wanted. I had to work full-time while going to school so I never got to do the cool internships, so pretty much no one wants me without that experience. I have recently started taking classes to get my teaching license and I am really enjoying it. So hopefully this time next year I'll be in my own classroom!

3. To get married
With the invention of pinterest my future wedding just got that more complicated awesome.

4. To win the lottery!

I know it's really superficial but oh well! It would help pay off all my student loans, buy me the #1 want up there, and hopefully get a new house. The catch? I don't even play unless it's a huge jackpot but the last two times I won my money back plus some so I guess I better become a semi-regular.

5. To own a bakery

I'll be eligible to retire at 42 and by that time all of my student loans will be paid off and I'll hopefully have saved a little money. So I'd really like to own a bakery as my second career. Not something huge and fancy just a cute little shop with cute/tasty stuff and funny signs like this.

6. A new wardrobe

Preferably inspired by my pinterest board. 

7. A new macbook

My current white one circa 2008 is getting kind of slow on me and they're starting to release stuff that's not compatible. I would love a macbook pro with retina but $2000? Are you freaking kidding me. No thanks. I'll take the cheapest one since it will definitely last me at least another 4 years. 

Yay! Went and bought the remaining supplies for my project tonight. Hopefully everything goes according to plan and I'll have something awesome to show you guys tomorrow!


  1. Pinterest definitely makes planning a wedding seem easier! #5-that would be awesome! I couldn't do it because I'd eat all the unhealthy stuff all the time! I love Macs. I was skeptical at first when my then boyfriend/now husband bought his, but now that I use it all the time, I love it!

    1. Yeah I would never go back to PC's! I had an HP laptop that crashed after only a year and 4 years later my macbook is still going strong just getting a little slow.

  2. I would love a really good cupcake right about now. For some reason I am not the best at cupcakes...

    1. I love to make cupcakes, probably cause I love to eat cake so much and in mini form it doesn't seem that bad...lol

  3. I really wish Pinterest would have been around when I planned my wedding--it makes like so easy! But now I just use it for baby showers, bach parties, etc. Good luck with your cupcake shop dream :)

    1. Thanks! I definitely have a party planning board so whenever the occasion calls for it I'll be prepared.