Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break

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Working at a university over spring break is seriously torture...

Thankfully I took two days off and will get tomorrow off also...
but the two days I have been here are dragging.

One phone call in a 9 hour period.

The highlight of my day? 
Panda Express just opened on campus. 
Not going to lie been jazzed about this for months. 
I live a sheltered life in a small city.

I have been going to pilates regularly so that's enough of a win for me right now.
Now to get to the gym I pay money every month for...

New project next week! I really mean it this time!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sample Society

So remember when I talked about a certain beauty subscription box here. Well I gave them 4 chances and only 1 was a wow... So I ended it. Saved me $10 a month.

But recently I started to miss my little surprises every month
so I began a hunt for a new box.

I really wanted to try Glossybox because everyone says it's amazing
but I really don't want to spend $20+.

So the search continued. I looked at everything and every one I could find.

Until I stumbled upon Sample Society...

$15 a month and it had pretty good reviews. So I signed right up!

I just received my first box and I was pretty happy with it. 

 photo IMG_1337_zpsa13d12f3.jpg
More horrible pictures under fluorescent lighting to come...
I was just excited to share it!

 photo IMG_1338_zps0ee55bb1.jpg

Inside my box were two full-size samples and 3 travel size. 
I got:
Full-Size Hollywood Fashion Tape ($9.95)
Full-Size Butter London Nail Polish ($15)
LashFood Natural Eyebrow Conditioner (Full-Size is $90)
Oscar Blandi Instant Volumizing Conditioner (Full-Size is $24)
Murad Essential-C Day Moisturizer (Full-Size is $60)

So just with my two full-size samples I got more than I paid for.
I haven't tried everything but I like the concept of the LashFood. 
It's supposed to stimulate growth in thins spots in your eyebrows. 
Fashion Tape is good to have around all the time. 
If you haven't tried it. It'll change your life.
Well maybe not but it does help from showing your bra straps when you 
wear a tank whose straps don't want to stay where they are. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

9 things I won't change my mind on...

The Austin Family Diary

So 9 things I won't change my mind on... hmmm

This one was kind of hard...but...

1. Pets are family (seriously might as well be my children)
I was always raised in a house with pets. Pets that got on the beds/couches and were never just outside.

2. Cottage Cheese is gross!
Texture, consistency, you name's gross.

3. The boyfriend
While we may not be legally married we've made that commitment to each other.

4. Quality over quantity
I'd rather have one really nice well made handbag than 40 inexpensive/won't last me a month. I have carried the same bag for almost a year now. It's super versatile and I really don't have to worry about it falling apart any time soon. Same goes for do I pay full price for these things? Absolutely not...only on the rarest occasions.

5. New Mexico is better than Texas
Having lived in both I think I can say this. Texas is sooo humid and crowded. Plus Mexican food beats Tex-Mex any day.

6. My beliefs
While I am open to and actually like hearing other people's beliefs, I am pretty set in mine. They've definitely changed as I've gotten older but the core is the same and always will be.

7. Nicknames
Don't call me Jessie...just don't do it.

8. My Love of Hello Kitty
I collect anything and everything. It's the Asian in me... My grandma's family (still in Japan) have always sent me Hello Kitty stuff. So I love it no matter how old I get.

9. Being a mom...
I'll have kid or kids one day. It's uncompromisable for me...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday kind of stinks...

So it's not even 8:30 am and I'm ready for my day to be over! 

So remember here when I talked about something happening but couldn't really say yet?

Well that something was that I interviewed for Teach for America. 
They recently opened up sending corps members where I currently live and I decided to apply. I've always wanted to do it but with the whole locked into my mortgage for 3 years couldn't do it. To my surprise I made it to the final interview. 
Well today is notification day and I'm pretty sure it didn't happen. 
Haven't gotten the official word but I would stake money on it not happening. 
Ooooh well...

To make matters worse I was confronted with this, this morning!

Google reader is over as of July 1st! 
What the heck I just publicly professed my love of it and now they're leaving....

So happy tomorrow is Friday...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another round of Tuesday Topics

The Austin Family Diary

I have professed my love of Pinterest a number of times...

It definitely comes in first for my favorite site. Second would be google reader. That has seriously changed the way I read blogs. I used to bookmark every blog I followed and have to check all of them everyday to see if something new was posted. Oh how naive I was. I went totally off track there for a second.

Moving on. Today is the start of a new Tuesday Topics. 

Ten Pins

This was really hard by the way...

Sweet and Sour Chicken

This is probably the best recipe I've gotten off of Pinterest. 
I do half the vinegar in case you try it out.

Violet Hunters

I want these soooo bad and would've never wanted them had I not run across them on Pinterest...

I have a recipe handwritten by grandmother that I really want to do this too...

These things are fantastic. No joke go make them right now. But since they're mini you'll convince yourself it's okay to eat like 10 at a time... not that I did that.

Until Pinterest I thought I was the only one who did this...

I leave out the watercress and it's really good. Tastes just like regular egg salad...but better.

House of Rose
This glider will be apart of my future (in like 6 years) nursery...

I think I'm going to send one of my friends these for her 25th birthday... It's so pretty but I can imagine it makes a huge mess...

I really need to own this color

I will be using this as soon as the fabric I just ordered comes in...super excited!

Okay that was pretty hard to sort through over 1,000 pins... I might have a problem.

Friday, March 8, 2013

High Five for Friday...

Yay! I'm glad it's Friday.
After traveling over the weekend last week and 
getting back so late on Monday my house needs a good cleaning. 

Can't wait for the day to be over so I can get started! 

Another thing I'm super happy about my Etsy store hit 80 sales this week! 

Not only that but I've very proud of my 100% feedback rating. 

I've got some new stuff for the shop just got get it photographed and listed.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Super easy french manicure...

About 4 years ago I worked as a temporary teller during the summer. 
I would always get my nails done because people are 
constantly looking at your hands and I was just self conscious about it...
or maybe I just wanted an excuse to get my nails done! 
Either way that crap gets expensive! 
I was doing solar which is supposed to be better for your nails but it also costs more.
I was probably spending with tip around $80 a month to keep up my nails. 
Perfectly fine when you're a college student living with your grandparents and not having to pay rent or groceries. 
But now as a post graduate with no big girl job paying a mortgage? Not happening

My solution to this? Incoco... 

I'm sure you've seen something similar to these everywhere. But I started using these before there was a huge craze. Personally, I think these work better and last longer than the Sally Hansen ones and you never really see a lot of french tips in stores..

Please ignore how weird my hand looks...

I use the "first love" color. 
They have a little pink hue that is like the french manicure you would get in a salon. 
They take me about 20 minutes to put on start to finish and include everything you would need. 
Cuticle pusher, nail file, extras in case you mess up! 
They even come with nail polish remover pads.

You can also get glitter tips (which I've totally done and they're awesome), florals, full color...pretty much anything you can think of. 

Now in case you're wondering Incoco has no idea who I am...
 I wasn't compensated at all.. 
But hey if they want to send me some free stuff that's fine with me! 

I just like to share things that I think are really cool and make life easier.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

So here I am again...

So I have been kind of out of touch lately. It happens. I had a lot of shizz going on this past week. Yes...I just said that. Remember a while ago I said I had things in the works but couldn't talk about it yet? Well, I still can't talk about it but that's why I was absent pretty much all week. I'll finally be able to talk about it next week good or bad but let's hope for good! Please send me some positive vibes I really need it.

On another note I'm going to get back into my groove by finishing up Tuesday Topics! I missed a couple this time around but that's okay cause I'm ending it strong! I have no idea what I'm saying. I'm sitting at an airport gate right now waiting to board my plane and I'm kind of delirious.

The last topic is one guilty pleasure... just one? But I have so many! Tabloids? 90's sitcoms? 90's music in general? It's a little hard to pick just one. To be honest I don't think I can pick just one... but the one I will leave you with is.....

YouTube videos of pugs. Yes I know it's so weird! But seeing as Buster is a pug and I've had a pug pretty much whole life I love them. I think they're adorable and hilarious. Seriously YouTube pug puppies one time so many adorable time consuming videos. I was just watching one yesterday actually and I'll share it below because it's hilarious and I'm glad to find other people are just as obsessed with their pugs as I am...