Tuesday, March 19, 2013

9 things I won't change my mind on...

The Austin Family Diary

So 9 things I won't change my mind on... hmmm

This one was kind of hard...but...

1. Pets are family (seriously might as well be my children)
I was always raised in a house with pets. Pets that got on the beds/couches and were never just outside.

2. Cottage Cheese is gross!
Texture, consistency, you name it...it's gross.

3. The boyfriend
While we may not be legally married we've made that commitment to each other.

4. Quality over quantity
I'd rather have one really nice well made handbag than 40 inexpensive/won't last me a month. I have carried the same bag for almost a year now. It's super versatile and I really don't have to worry about it falling apart any time soon. Same goes for shoes...now do I pay full price for these things? Absolutely not...only on the rarest occasions.

5. New Mexico is better than Texas
Having lived in both I think I can say this. Texas is sooo humid and crowded. Plus Mexican food beats Tex-Mex any day.

6. My beliefs
While I am open to and actually like hearing other people's beliefs, I am pretty set in mine. They've definitely changed as I've gotten older but the core is the same and always will be.

7. Nicknames
Don't call me Jessie...just don't do it.

8. My Love of Hello Kitty
I collect anything and everything. It's the Asian in me... My grandma's family (still in Japan) have always sent me Hello Kitty stuff. So I love it no matter how old I get.

9. Being a mom...
I'll have kid or kids one day. It's uncompromisable for me...


  1. cottage cheese is gross, not a lot makes me gag but that food sure does.

    i can't stand if someone calls me "vicky" because that is NOT my name, it is victoria, get it straight :)

  2. Totally agree on quality over quantity. I never want to buy the cheaper option (unless it really is better). I'd rather have something that lasts rather than having to replace it later.

  3. I miss NM mexican food! I totally agree with you on the purses and pets too!