Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another round of Tuesday Topics

The Austin Family Diary

I have professed my love of Pinterest a number of times...

It definitely comes in first for my favorite site. Second would be google reader. That has seriously changed the way I read blogs. I used to bookmark every blog I followed and have to check all of them everyday to see if something new was posted. Oh how naive I was. I went totally off track there for a second.

Moving on. Today is the start of a new Tuesday Topics. 

Ten Pins

This was really hard by the way...

Sweet and Sour Chicken

This is probably the best recipe I've gotten off of Pinterest. 
I do half the vinegar in case you try it out.

Violet Hunters

I want these soooo bad and would've never wanted them had I not run across them on Pinterest...

I have a recipe handwritten by grandmother that I really want to do this too...

These things are fantastic. No joke go make them right now. But since they're mini you'll convince yourself it's okay to eat like 10 at a time... not that I did that.

Until Pinterest I thought I was the only one who did this...

I leave out the watercress and it's really good. Tastes just like regular egg salad...but better.

House of Rose
This glider will be apart of my future (in like 6 years) nursery...

I think I'm going to send one of my friends these for her 25th birthday... It's so pretty but I can imagine it makes a huge mess...

I really need to own this color

I will be using this as soon as the fabric I just ordered comes in...super excited!

Okay that was pretty hard to sort through over 1,000 pins... I might have a problem.


  1. I want those hunter boots and that essie color! So pretty! I make sweet and sour chicken very similar to that recipe...so good!!

    1. I really wish it rained here more so I could justify buying some!

  2. Ha ha I love that nerd quote, I do the same thing! Ha ha!!
    All of the food pins are making me super hungry!

    1. I know I was super hungry after looking at everyone's food pins. I even considered making puffins this weekend but settled for chocolate chip waffles instead.

  3. Bahaha the nerd quote is awesome! I do that all the time! OMG if it wasn't for Pinterest (or blogging lol) I wouldn't know what Hunter boots were either...but now I'm dying for a pain!

    1. If you want a good laugh search nerd quotes on Pinterest one day... the rest are hilarious and I do most of them which I guess officially declares me a nerd...lol

  4. Love Love Love your pins. Seriously those boots are amazing, I want some now too! I love that color - super girly but too pink, ya know? And, I so want to do that recipe idea in my kitchen someday. How did we not think of that? Thank goodness for pinterest. :)

    Found ya through the link-up!


    1. I know framing them would definitely protect them better... I have mine on my fridge and I'm always afraid it's going to get lost!

  5. I want to make those puffins! But I won't. Because I will eat 10. That's a fact.

    I did, however, pin that sweet and sour chicken. Thank you!


    1. The sweet and sour chicken is soooo good. My boyfriend is as picky as a fiver year old and he loves it. So it's in my permanent rotation.