Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

So I barely decided to get in the spirit until yesterday... I really wanted some Minnie Mouse ears just to wear to work but could not find anything in the stores. Not any sort of animal ears, headband thing, nothing at all. But that's what I get for waiting so long.

I went to two stores and that was pretty much my limit. So I just went home and tried my best to make my own.

After several hot glue burns and about 45 minutes of trying to figure out how to get them to stay on my head, I came up with these.

I used the hard felt sheets for the inside to make them stand up. Then I covered them with black fabric then again with sparkly black fabric. The felt on the inside was red so I needed to make sure it was covered. I traced an old CD to get my circles. My bow looks a little wonky but hey it works right? Both the ears are attached to a really large alligator clip and the bow is glued onto both of them.

Took me longer than I'd like to admit but everything I used was from my craft stash so they were pretty much free!

So that's my last minute costume...maybe next year I'll be more prepared...but don't count on it!

Stay safe tonight and Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Motivation is hard to come by...

When I'm super jazzed about a project that's pretty much all I need for motivation. When I saw this pin I knew it would be the perfect thing for my living room.


 So I headed on down to Lowe's. They boast that this is a cheap project but over $20 for a doormat doesn't really spell cheap to me. Oh well, I was committed to it and $40 for a fairly large piece of artwork really isn't that bad.

Our Lowe's doesn't cut wood boards anymore (apparently some guy cut off his hand because they don't have the right saw) but they did it for me anyways. I may have mentioned I would just go to Home Depot.

I bought two 6ft boards and had them cut them in half. I made the mistake of only buying one can of spray paint. Don't do this get two. My second board's paint is a little thin but I'm so impatient I stuck it up there anyways.

All you do is stain the boards with your favorite color wait for it to dry. Lay the mat on top and spray paint over it a few times. Lastly, add a coat of poly to seal it. Or actually lastly would be put hanging hardware on the back.

Here are my finished boards

And in my living room.... it's at night so excuse the poor lighting...and yes I'm a horrible blogger I use my iPhone instead of my big fancy Canon Rebel...

Horrible picture aside you get the gist. I really like them and they're easy to decorate around. I do consider this a pinterest success!

Did you know there is a whole blog dedicated to pinterest disasters? Pintrosity... wish I'd thought of

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I spend too much on groceries...

Hi! My name is Jessica and I spend way too much on groceries!

Seriously how is it possible that I spend over $300 on groceries a month for two people? Yes the boyfriend does eat like a teenage boy in a growth spurt but this is still ridiculous. Even with spending that much on groceries we still eat out at least twice a week.

I did venture into crazy coupon territory for awhile and I am slowly slipping back in there... I may or may not have spent an hour inputting all of my coupons with description, value, quantity, type, and expiration dates into an excel spreadsheet this morning. It's just such a hassle to think I have a coupon for something and sit there in the middle of the aisle while I search for it in my handy dandy coupon organizer! Yes I'm one of step below the binder.

I like to keep it real...I'm writing this post at my desk and needed a picture, Instagram to the rescue!

I started meal planning about 5 months ago and it helped tremendously with staying on track! But I fell out of my groove. It's really hard to plan meals all the time. I didn't really grasp the whole put them on a cycle thing. I was always looking for some new recipe. Especially since the boyfriend absolutely refuses to eat leftovers unless they're the ones that are hiding in the back of the fridge and I can't remember when I made it... it has happened.

So I will not become the crazy people who buy 35 bottles of mustard or have 400 rolls of toilet paper stashed under their kid's bed. But I am going to make more of an effort to use coupons and meal plan. Hopefully find coupons for the things I need for my meal planning.

I'm not over exaggerating am I? How much does a couple usually spend on groceries? Keep in mind this does not include food for our 3 dogs.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pinteresting things as of late...

Lately Pinterest has been getting kind of redundant. Don't get me wrong I still love it and use it pretty much everyday. But there has been a lack of new content and a whole lot of spam. I seem to see the same things over and over again and when that's not happening it's spam. Also, people don't seem to check their sources. I always make sure a pin leads to the right website. I hate clicking on a pin and it takes me to some random spam. But anyways rant over.. here is what I've been pinning lately!

via Little Betty Designs

I am seriously crushing on these vintage Pyrex bowls. Those scalloped edges are adorable. Can you say amazing find? Our thrift stores have nothing but overpriced junk. 

This handbag is beautiful. But Prada? Might as well be named Will Never Happen... I can still drool over it. 

via My Stilettos and Diapers

 I can't wait to do this back splash. The boyfriend and I have been looking for something that would look good and we think this is it.

Is it weird that I really want some leopard loafers? I'm seriously in love and I usually never like things like this.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Free Printable!

So it goes without saying that I love me some cupcakes.

I also love cute little cupcake quotes.

So today I have a free printable for anyone who'd like one.

Just click here to get your free printable courtesy of One Crafty Cupcake!

Please note that this printable is for personal or non-profit use only. 

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Last 10 Day You Challenge

So I'm a little late getting this out... but I had to go to court for dreaded traffic citation... 4 hours later? Still not resolved. Moral of the story is do not get pulled over! Just gun it and hope you can outdrive them... I kid I kid...

It's been fun these last ten weeks linking up with Lauren and Tiffany and I'm going to miss it! Fun fact I'm sure I've mentioned before but Lauren and I actually went to high school together. So it's been fun reading her blog and participating in her link ups! It's amazing to me that I know another blogger in real life. 

But anyways here is my last 10 Day You Challenge: One Picture!

My graduation picture with my grandparents. I lived with them while I went to school in San Antonio for two years and they've always supported me in everything. Minus my grandpa trying to get me to join the military every time I talk to him. I love them more than words can express and am so grateful I'm able to enjoy their company in my adult life.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 Day You Challenge

So my Tuesday is not really starting out that great... apparently my huge water bottle was not closed all the way and it flooded leaked in my Michael Kors bag... :( The positive? It was water and not some sticky substance...or colored substance.

But on another note it is Tuesday so there is another 10 Day You Challenge! Today it's two it just me or do these things get harder every week? It's hard for me to just pick two songs...

Well my first song is "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes. This song just makes me happy and it reminds me of the boyfriend, it's also his ringtone.

The second song is "Southern Girl" by Incubus. I love me some Incubus. It's actually a life goal to see them in concert.

Honorable Mentions:
Don't Stop Believing by Journey
Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
Cumbersome by Seven Mary Three
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows by Brand New

Monday, October 8, 2012

Oven Baked Salmon...and my newest favorite appliance.

It's another Monday here at One Crafty Cupcake! Last week the boyfriend watched the documentary, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and now he's convinced that he's gonna die. Well maybe not that extreme. But he did go out and buy a juicer and is now drinking his daily dose of vegetables. I've been loving having the juicer. Fresh apple juice tastes so much better than what comes in the bottle. The only problem? The juicer is a (insert your chosen expletive here) to clean. I'm even considering doing a 3 day juice cleanse but haven't found the motivation yet.

But we are eating healthier here at the OCC household. Last night, we had oven baked salmon and sauteed zucchini and squash. 

I cook salmon the same way every time and it always comes out perfect. Moist and flaky. First I drizzle it with olive oil, then season with salt & pepper. I slice lemons and place them on top to infuse the lemon flavor while cooking. To cook it I place the salmon in a cold oven set for 400 degrees for 25 minutes. I suggest using foil over the pan for super easy clean up. Also if you really enjoy lemon on your fish, squeeze half a lemon over the top after cooking.

For the zucchini and squash I just salt/pepper it and saute it in olive oil for a few minutes.

The final product!

Yum yum yum

Did you know you're supposed to use white dishes to really show off the food? It allows you to focus on all the different colors. But here in the southwest white doesn't really fit in with the color scheme. I still think it looks pretty good. 

Be back tomorrow with the 10 Day You Challenge!

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Friday, October 5, 2012

It's Friday!

Yay another Friday! It's really my favorite day because once I get off work I can just relax and not have to worry about work the next day. But now that I'm back in school I do have to worry about homework...yuck!

Anyways I was super jazzed this morning because I got up in enough time to hit Starbucks on the way to work.... Singing "Somebody I used to know" at the top of my lungs.. don't judge me! La, la, la, starbucks, starbucks! I'm very weird when I'm alone in my car. Then all of sudden a siren went off behind me. Nooooo! I got pulled over :( for "rolling through a stop sign." I swear I stopped...okay I at least paused. Then of course I have 5 different copies of my insurance/registration none of which were current. Finally found the current ones when he was already done writing the tickets. Yes tickets, 3 to be exact. So I will be going to court sometime in the next two weeks. I haven't had to do this since I was 16 (car accident, totally not my fault) and that last experience did not go over so well.

Moral of the story? Don't be so jazzed about Starbucks that you don't notice the police cruiser behind you and "pausing" is not a stop.

I swear I drive really good usually!
I mean I could always be worse

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Well....Hello Hello!

My alarm went off this morning and I was thoroughly confused as to what day it was. I really thought it was the such luck! So currently I'm sitting underneath a huge pile of homework...not literally of course but it sure feels like it. So sorry if I'm kind of MIA this week I gotta get all this stuff done.

But I'm here today and today is another 10 Day You Challenge! I can't believe we're already down to 3!

Today is 3 films! This is really too hard for me to choose so keep in mind there are ton more to be added to this list.

My all time favorite movie is definitely Pretty Woman! 

Next up is.... Zombieland!

If you haven't seen this movie I highly suggest it...hilarious. 
Rule #1 Cardio

The coveted third spot is.... Hocus Pocus!

I've loved this movie ever since I was little and I still watch it like once a month now.

Honorable Mentions... I love movies and couldn't limit myself to just three so here are some more of my favorites: