Thursday, October 25, 2012

Motivation is hard to come by...

When I'm super jazzed about a project that's pretty much all I need for motivation. When I saw this pin I knew it would be the perfect thing for my living room.


 So I headed on down to Lowe's. They boast that this is a cheap project but over $20 for a doormat doesn't really spell cheap to me. Oh well, I was committed to it and $40 for a fairly large piece of artwork really isn't that bad.

Our Lowe's doesn't cut wood boards anymore (apparently some guy cut off his hand because they don't have the right saw) but they did it for me anyways. I may have mentioned I would just go to Home Depot.

I bought two 6ft boards and had them cut them in half. I made the mistake of only buying one can of spray paint. Don't do this get two. My second board's paint is a little thin but I'm so impatient I stuck it up there anyways.

All you do is stain the boards with your favorite color wait for it to dry. Lay the mat on top and spray paint over it a few times. Lastly, add a coat of poly to seal it. Or actually lastly would be put hanging hardware on the back.

Here are my finished boards

And in my living room.... it's at night so excuse the poor lighting...and yes I'm a horrible blogger I use my iPhone instead of my big fancy Canon Rebel...

Horrible picture aside you get the gist. I really like them and they're easy to decorate around. I do consider this a pinterest success!

Did you know there is a whole blog dedicated to pinterest disasters? Pintrosity... wish I'd thought of

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