Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

I finally got my laptop up and running! 
Yay! It's like 6 going on 7 years old and frustrates the heck out of me.

The boyfriend offered to buy us a new iMac... and I asked the question 
any only child would ask the week of their birthday.
This doesn't count as my birthday present, right?
I know! I'm a tad spoiled at times. 
Being an only child not to mention an only grandchild for 16 years will do that to you.

Moving on!

This weekend was a fun one. One of my oldest and greatest friends got married!
Yes I need a tan...but I'm deathly afraid of getting skin cancer.
It runs in my family and I've finally come to my senses about the risk.

Her new husband is British so she wanted to incorporate that.
I helped her out with some Union Jack garters.
Horrible cell phone pic.

Her moving to a different continent has made me realize how you can take your friends for granted.
When someone's been in your life so long you just expect that they will always be there. 
Even though we don't talk very often when we get together it's like nothings really changed.
Friends like that really don't come along that often and I'm lucky she's one of mine!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Are you there blog?

It's me Jessica!

It's been so long since I posted. A lot longer than usual. Has anyone missed me? Probably not. But I've missed you.

STUFF has been happening. Life if you will. 

Finished up my other job started the big girl one. Haven't had the ummm "free time" during the day to stay updated on this thing. Or even my Etsy shop. Good thing the orders have not been rolling in because I do not have a computer right now. Writing this from my iPad. It probably looks funny and you wish there were pictures. But that is just too complicated from the Blogger app. 

Moving on!

I had a week vacation before my last week (really 3 days at my previous job) then I dove right into my new job. 

If I could insert some cute GIF of someone dancing ridiculously or screaming and running around I would.

I LOVE my new job. (This could possibly be embarrassing as my bosses have looked at my blog) 

But I do. I LOVE it and I'm not even fully into it yet. I love that I get to be really passionate about what I actually went to school for. It's awesome. I highly recommend it. I have an office and my brain hurts from trying to think what to put in it. I finally decided that I want cupcake art. I don't know why that was so hard. 

I really have nothing else to say right now. Blogging from the blogger app is limiting my creativity.

I have a recipe to post but like I said pictures are not my friend in this app.

I can't even insert my cute cupcake signature... dammit.