Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday kind of stinks...

So it's not even 8:30 am and I'm ready for my day to be over! 

So remember here when I talked about something happening but couldn't really say yet?

Well that something was that I interviewed for Teach for America. 
They recently opened up sending corps members where I currently live and I decided to apply. I've always wanted to do it but with the whole locked into my mortgage for 3 years couldn't do it. To my surprise I made it to the final interview. 
Well today is notification day and I'm pretty sure it didn't happen. 
Haven't gotten the official word but I would stake money on it not happening. 
Ooooh well...

To make matters worse I was confronted with this, this morning!

Google reader is over as of July 1st! 
What the heck I just publicly professed my love of it and now they're leaving....

So happy tomorrow is Friday...

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