Thursday, March 7, 2013

Super easy french manicure...

About 4 years ago I worked as a temporary teller during the summer. 
I would always get my nails done because people are 
constantly looking at your hands and I was just self conscious about it...
or maybe I just wanted an excuse to get my nails done! 
Either way that crap gets expensive! 
I was doing solar which is supposed to be better for your nails but it also costs more.
I was probably spending with tip around $80 a month to keep up my nails. 
Perfectly fine when you're a college student living with your grandparents and not having to pay rent or groceries. 
But now as a post graduate with no big girl job paying a mortgage? Not happening

My solution to this? Incoco... 

I'm sure you've seen something similar to these everywhere. But I started using these before there was a huge craze. Personally, I think these work better and last longer than the Sally Hansen ones and you never really see a lot of french tips in stores..

Please ignore how weird my hand looks...

I use the "first love" color. 
They have a little pink hue that is like the french manicure you would get in a salon. 
They take me about 20 minutes to put on start to finish and include everything you would need. 
Cuticle pusher, nail file, extras in case you mess up! 
They even come with nail polish remover pads.

You can also get glitter tips (which I've totally done and they're awesome), florals, full color...pretty much anything you can think of. 

Now in case you're wondering Incoco has no idea who I am...
 I wasn't compensated at all.. 
But hey if they want to send me some free stuff that's fine with me! 

I just like to share things that I think are really cool and make life easier.


  1. Can you size the tips if your nails aren't long? How long do they last and how do you remove them?

    1. I think you can size would probably just place them higher up on the nail. Right now mine are going pretty strong with no top coat and it's been a week. So with a top coat they're supposed to last like 2 weeks. They come off with regular nail polish remover. Also, I forgot to mention no time to wait for them to dry! You just stick them on and you're good to go!