Thursday, September 27, 2012

It goes on and on my friend...

Some people started singing it not knowing what it was.... Ahhh no can't get this stuck in my head.

It's almost October and I have not made any serious dents in my to-do list. Where did this whole month go?

This is the list as it stands today:

1. Headboard for master bedroom Check!
2. Frame our boring/plain builder grade mirrors
3. Nightstands for master bedroom
4. Art for master bedroom
5. Hang shelves in craft room
6. New curtains and blinds/roman shade for master bedroom
7. Refinish dining room table
8. Possibly recover dining room chairs
9. New bed set for guest bedroom
10. Add more shelves in laundry room
11. Find way to store towels
12. Purge closet
13. Get Patio Furniture
14. Clean grill
15. Pressure wash house
16. Clean and reseal all grout
17. Find better way to store yard tools
18. Upholster box spring of both beds

For #17 I bought a small tool shed just to wrangle all the yard tools and keep the bugs/rain out. It's still sitting at Wal Mart though waiting for me to pick it up. I need to find someone with a truck to get it home. Then put it together and it will officially be done! Hopefully our push mower fits in it! 

Via: Wal Mart

I did buy some baskets to help with #12 but have not yet started the purging that needs to happen!

This weekend I'm really going to get cracking and try and cross off a couple more things.

Why is that I want to add more things to the list faster than I can cross them off? There's about 3 more things I've thought of that need to be on this list! Like I said, the list that never ends.

In other happenings, my alma mater is playing the school I transferred from this weekend. Is it bad that I'm rooting for the other one? I was WAY more involved there and feel that it really is my school. 

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