Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 6 Places

Hello! So Monday is finally over but Tuesday didn't start much better. Ripley and Roxy are both sick so I've been cleaning up after them the past two days. Not fun... Hopefully they feel better soon.

But today I'm linking up once again for the 10 Day You Challenge. Today is 6 places.

1. Las Cruces, NM

 I was raised here most of my life and as much as I'd like to live somewhere else I think I'll always come back here.

2. San Antonio, TX

My grandparents retired here when I was born so it's like my second home. I also lived here for two years while I went to school. The humidity is disgusting but I really like the pace of the city and enjoy visiting. I do miss the greenery/blue bonnets!

3. Seattle, WA

I have never been here but really want to go. I kind of love Nirvana/Kurt Cobain so I've always wanted to visit Seattle. Plus I love rain and overcast days. Above is a picture of makeshift memorial to Kurt Cobain in Viretta Park.

4. Nashville, TN

I have always wanted to visit Nashville. Don't know why but I want to go.

5. England

I was born in England so I really would like to see it. This picture is actually from the town I was born in.

6. Ireland

The boyfriend and I are both part Irish (him more than me) so we both would like to see the country. Plus it's gorgeous. 

On another note! Sons of Anarchy comes back today! I've been waiting for this for too long. If you're not offended easily definitely check this show out. 

Plus Charlie Hunnam doesn't hurt either. 


  1. washington,tn, england and ireland are on my list too! they are seem so pretty and fun!