Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh this week.

This week has not been to kind to me. 

Pity party table of one? Yes, that's me! 

Work and school and work...ugh! So much stuff to do. 

I had to share this though.

So my dog Ripley is kind of tall for a german shepherd. My mom always calls him a giraffe (rude!). But I'm almost 5'7 and he is taller than me on his hind legs. Literally his favorite way to give me kisses is to put his two front paws on my shoulders. But as tall as he is it could always be worse. 

This is Zeus and he is the world's tallest dog. He is 7'4 on his hind legs and goes through a 30 lb bag of dog food every two weeks. 

This definitely makes me feel better about Ripley's habit of a 30 lb bag every three to four weeks.

Also makes me feel better about how skinny Ripley is. See I'm not starving my dog he's just incredibly lanky! Ha! People who stare at him at petsmart.

I would love to have a great dane. But their short life spans turn me off. I couldn't stand the heartbreak. 

YAY for Friday tomorrow! I'm gonna do a happy dance after I submit my assignment that's due tomorrow.


  1. Replies
    1. A great dane! He lives in Michigan. I can barely stand Ripley being able to put his head on our kitchen table I couldn't imagine the counter like that.