Monday, September 24, 2012

My love of Etsy...

Like most bloggers I have a love of all things crafty. I love Pinterest, reading other blogs, and of course Etsy! I have mentioned before that I do have an Etsy shop that is slowly but steadily selling more and more. But I also love to buy from Etsy. Since I am a crafter who puts myself out there I think it's important to support others too! 

Here are some of my favorite things I've bought.

Via: IdenticalSAM 
Via: IdenticalSAM

 I got these cuties from one of my favorite shops: IdenticalSAM. I've given them as birthday presents to my younger cousins and they loved them. Bernice is so awesome and really goes above and beyond. My cousins live in Texas so she not only shipped it directly to them she also included Birthday Cards for me! 

Via: Anastasia Mak
I got this 8X10 Art Print of Wrigley Field for my Dad on Father's Day. He's a die hard Cubs fan so this was a great gift to add to his wall. Anastasia Mak has some really beautiful art in her store and her prints are very reasonably priced.

I love Etsy because it's unique. It's not the same thing you'd find in Target or Amazon. It's something that a person took time out of their day to create. I highly encourage looking at Etsy for any upcoming occasions where you might need a gift. Or if you just want to buy something cute for yourself! Like the ear warmer I just bought below from a cute shop in England!

Via: Purl Rose

p.s. I was not compensated by any of these stores. I just really love the products I have gotten from them and wanted to pass them on.


  1. Cubs? Oh no, he should root for the SOX :) I'm a Twins fan, but in my spare time, I root for the SOX...
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  2. Lol he's been a Cubs fan since before I was born so there is definitely no changing him. I'm more of a NBA girl but still love the Cubbies since I was born and raised on them! lol