Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 Foods

Last bit of Debbie Downer-ness I promise. So I got sick at the end of last week and am still battling it. So let's just put last week in the "fail" column.

Anyways, today is another 10 Day You Challenge! Here are my five favorite foods.

1. Obasan Food 

I'm quarter Japanese. My grandma was born and raised in Japan, met and married my Grandpa when he was stationed over there. She's always been very committed to her heritage/culture. Needless to say she makes the best food. Fried rice, tempura, teriyaki, sushi, heck even her white rice tastes amazing.

2. Mexican Food/Green Chile

Being raised in the Southwest I love me some Mexican food especially when it's smothered with green chile. More specifically, Hatch green chile. Chimichangas, tacos, burritos, tostadas, enchildas, sopaipila...ugh I'm getting hungry.

3. Apple Cake

Dessert counts right? My other grandmother had the best recipe for Apple Cake that I think I duplicate pretty well. I even won a baking contest using it. But since it's a family recipe my parents wouldn't let me give the contest the real recipe (hope no one tried to make it..whoops).

4. Mom's Spaghetti

My mom makes the best spaghetti hands down. My parents actually used to compete against each other. Being the only child I was the only judge. Yep I stayed neutral as long as possible.

5. Dad's Chili

I love a hearty bowl of chili with crackers when it's cold outside. My dad may have lost the spaghetti war but he definitely makes really good chili. 

I'll be back tomorrow with something new!