Friday, August 31, 2012

This is the list that never ends....

It just goes on and on my friends....I'll stop. It's probably already stuck in your head though!

I have a major problem. I tend to just keep adding to my to do list without really ever crossing something off. We have lived in our house for 2 1/2 years now and I have literally accomplished maybe one thing on my to do list. Hang pot rack...check! That is so sad. I want to start holding myself accountable and actually getting things done. So here is where I'll keep my list and hopefully I'll work through it better than I have been.

1. Headboard for master bedroom Check!
2. Frame our boring/plain builder grade mirrors
3. Nightstands for master bedroom
4. Art for master bedroom
5. Hang shelves in craft room
6. New curtains and blinds/roman shade for master bedroom
7. Refinish dining room table
8. Possibly recover dining room chairs
9. New bed set for guest bedroom
10. Add more shelves in laundry room
11. Find way to store towels
12. Purge closet
13. Get Patio Furniture
14. Clean grill
15. Pressure wash house
16. Clean and reseal all grout
17. Find better way to store yard tools
18. Upholster box spring of both beds

Now I know there is more than this but this will do for now. I can always add to it later. Some of this stuff is decorative, some organizing, and some just plain cleaning. I need to get motivated and some of these will actually give me something to put on my tutorial page. So I need to get crackin'. I'll be back Wednesday with at least one of these checked off!

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