Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 8 Fears


It's been a really hectic past week. School started last Thursday and since I work at a university it's been pretty busy. Students constantly coming in asking where their classes are or if they can be added to a class. Parents even calling constantly about required materials and professors not answering their phones. Is it just me or is it a tad ridiculous that I have parents calling. I mean your child is an adult how are they ever going to learn to do what they need to if you're doing it for them. I'm totally behind supporting your child but seriously they can either call or come by if no one seems to be in their class, especially if you're in a different state and they're in the building.

Ranting is over!

Today I'm continuing the link up with the 10 Day You Challenge. Today it's 8 fears.

1. Death

Not just my own death but my parents, grandparents, boyfriend, my dogs. The list could go on and on. It might sound like a pretty normal fear but sometimes it gets so bad I get severe anxiety. Like can't sleep, totally stressed out, anxiety.

2. Someone breaking into my house

I am terrified that something that can never be replaced might get stolen. For instance, the ring my grandpa gave me before he passed away or my laptop (because of all my pictures). A fear that goes along with this is if I'm home when it happens. I'm honestly afraid something would happen to my dogs. It sounds crazy but I fear that someone will just shoot my dog because they're afraid he might attack them. I really don't worry about myself which might sound weird.

3. Small spaces and wide open spaces

Now I know this one's weird but I am afraid of both. I hate having my face and whole body covered by something. For instance, a blanket. I also get really freaked out in elevators. I always feel like the doors aren't going to open and I'll be stuck in there. The unknown is what's really scary about wide open spaces. I live in the desert so there were times in high school when that's where we would go to hang out. I always felt like something was going to come out of the darkness.

4. Infertility

I am really looking forward to being a mom and having kids. I'm afraid that when I'm actually ready I won't be able to have them.

5. Being unsuccessful

This mainly applies to the career aspect of my life. I'm afraid I'll never be happy with what I do and won't achieve what I want out of that part of my life.

6. Illness

Not necessarily for myself but for my loved ones.

7. Things going on with the world

The economy, global warming, all the violence, hunger, etc. I'm afraid that things will only get worse and not get better. Not only in the US but in other parts of the world as well. The revolution going on in Syria, the genocide in Africa, just everything seems so upside down right now.

8. Things that will probably never happen

Ever see the movie Deep Impact? Or Super 8? Or Volcano? War of the Worlds? Independence Day? Sounds like mainly aliens scare me... but yeah all of this stuff is super unlikely. But I still have a little fear that they might.

Okay now that I am sufficiently freaked out, that's it for now.


  1. I seriously cannot believe some parents. I mean I believe it, but it is ridiculous that they have to handle their college kid's business. I am totally with you on the getting broken into. Somethings for the sentimental value cannot be replaced. Illness, career, death, success, sadness all over the world, I feel you on all of these! There was a really sad story of one of my parents family friends getting broken into and their dogs getting the rotten end of the deal because of it. I won't scare you with that, but let's just say some people are just so messed up!

    On a side note, I am also so excited that you blog! :-)

  2. Things going on in the world, yes please! Haha. Just found your blog from the link up party! Love your blog name and really hoping I can get some crafty ideas from you! Newest follower!!

    1. I need to work on the crafty part! lol I have so many ideas just not a lot of time to execute them! But I gotta get on that.

  3. Ha I think we all got a little freaked out by our fears. Infertility is a valid fear...I probably should have put that on mine. It's one of those things where you don't know until you start trying. And even then, it takes a while to figure it out. Anyways, thanks so much for linking up!