Friday, August 17, 2012

My babies...

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my dogs like they're my children. I know a lot of people believe that dogs should be treated like dogs but I just don't see it that way. My dogs live inside and are allowed to sleep in the bed and get on the furniture. They like to cuddle and sit on our laps (especially the 80 lb one!) I really do consider them a part of our family.

Buster is the handsome pug you see above. I have had him for close to 8 years now. He was originally supposed to be given to my Uncle but I fell in love with him so we kept him. He is literally the most loving dog I've ever met and no matter what is always by my side. Most people don't like pugs and think they're ugly (including the boyfriend) but I think he has always been adorable. I had a pug growing up so I'm definitely drawn to this breed. They are very loving and have lots of personality. Buster is amazing with kids too. I don't know if this is a pug thing or just a Buster thing. But my 2 year old cousin would pet and grab Buster and he never got mad or snapped, he always just sat there content with the attention. My cousin actually used to tell people that Buster was his best friend... it melted your heart. Doesn't he look so dapper in his sweater?

The large fellow you see above is Ripley or Ripples as I affectionately call him. He's an almost 3 year old german shepherd and the sweetest dog I've ever known. He can look a bit scary if you're not used to big dogs but trust me he's a huge baby. We always laugh when people say they're afraid of him because we know he's a big softy. The boyfriend and I got him when we decided to move in together. He's gotten a bit taller since this picture and is almost 6ft on his hind legs. He's TERRIFIED of fireworks and likes to sit on my lap on the 4th of July and New Year's Eve. One difficulty we face with him is that he has horrible allergies. We're pretty sure they're not food allergies since he's been on a grain free diet for over a year. He's also been chicken and fish free for about 4 months. The allergies seemed to get worse. So now we're thinking it's seasonal/environmental. I don't want to put him on steroid shots because I'm afraid of the longterm effects. But that may be inevitable if this next supplement doesn't help him. Even though he's constantly itchy and can't put on weight to save his life (because of the allergies) he's a very happy dog.

Roxy is the only other girl in the house and she is pure evil. Well maybe not pure but a large percentage. We got her as a companion for Ripley since Buster is old and grumpy and only wants to play for so long. She came to us from a local rescue and her living situation before wasn't so great. The way she reacts to some things we think she might have been abused. She was definitely neglected as far as attention goes. They don't really know how old she is but the best guess is that she'll be a year old come this September, October, or November. So she was about 5-6 months when we adopted her. She is very loving but she does have some rescue dog tendencies such as jumping and snapping. She does it out of love but it really hurts sometimes. She's ripped three of my shirts because she doesn't just jump, she plants her claws on your back and drags them all the way down. Trust me it feels as good as it sounds. Even though it's hard sometimes I still love her and Ripley really loves having someone he can wrestle with. Or in the case below...cuddle with.

I feel like a bad momma because I don't have any good pictures of Roxy by herself. She is a bit of wild one though so I don't think I'd ever catch her sitting still long enough to grab my camera.

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