Friday, August 10, 2012

High Five For Friday....

I'm really ready for this week to be over. Not because it was particularly draining, just ready for a couple days of no work. I had my first sale on etsy and it has definitely motivated me to do some creating. I also have to baste, bind, and quilt (not necessarily in that order) my quilt for quilt for kids. So it should be a busy weekend for me....

I did finish my cousin's birthday present a little early.

He's gonna be 7 and all he talks about is how cool Star Wars is....he's never seen the movies. He mainly likes the lego versions of the ships so I felt this fabric was most appropriate. It's backed with black cuddle dot minky and bound with red bias tape. p.s. I will never use this stuff again. I really prefer to self bind the blanket with the cotton fabric. Take a look at the blankets in my etsy store they are self bound.

My sewing machine also decided it wanted to throw 25 temper tantrums during the making of this blanket. No kidding...threads were breaking, bobbin was too loose, bobbin would run out because it was wasting so much... adjusting the tension, width, length, rethreading 25 million times.... nothing helped... so frustrating..

But the good news is I'm 12 days early for his birthday! YAY! I have to ship it so since I was productive it won't be everything else I send my cousins.

Moving on! Yay for Friday! Baby Stetson will hopefully be here today! I'm so excited! (that's a lot of exclamation points).

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