Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sewing Rut....

Sometimes I find myself in a sewing rut... I usually have yards and yards of fabric and no motivation to do anything with it. I have no problem starting projects, cutting the fabric, and pinning them. Then after all the really tedious work is done I have no motivation to finish them... it stinks and makes no sense.

But there is hope! I actually found a way to get motivated that really works for me. I make something to donate. In May during one of my hardest ruts I found a woman that was collecting simple dresses to send to little girls in Africa. They had to be light cotton (because of the hot weather) and have no zippers or buttons (because they can break). The cost of new clothing for these girls could send them to school for a month which includes all the necessary supplies. I made two pretty cute pillowcase dresses, that way when they get to tall for them they can wear them as shirts... It really helped motivate me to get sewing again. It helped me enjoy sewing knowing I was helping someone else.

Alas, here I am in another rut. A person really can only stay motivated for so long. So here I am again working on a project to give away.

I've never really quilted before. The last quilt I attempted to make, I was a sophomore in high school. Same size squares? Who needs them! But this project really couldn't have been any easier.

I got in touch with the program, Quilts for Kids. They are partnered with Downy Touch of Comfort.

Together they send out everything you would need to make a beautiful quilt (minus the batting). The finished quilts are then donated to children in hospitals.

Look at that face! The quilt brings something bright and fun into a not so fun place. I can't wait to finish my quilt and hope it gives comfort to some child. 

I feel drawn to this cause especially. My grandma died when I was about 5. She was terminal with lung cancer so my grandparents were at the hospital a lot. While my grandma was in her appointments my grandpa would go visit the children's wing and noticed they didn't really have a lot of toys. I guess because most toys are plastic they are not safe in a hospital environment. So he asked if they would mind if he made some. Over the course of my grandma's battle with cancer my grandpa sought comfort through making these toys. Before his death he had donated over 2,000 wooden toys of all shapes and sizes. Hippos, puppies, elephants, anything you could imagine in every color. 

I would love to continue his work with something like this. 

Here's the link to request a quilt kit! I'll be back when I get some batting and finish mine up. 


  1. Great post!! New follower from Melissa's GFC blog hop! Hope to.see more of those beautiful quilts!

  2. Thanks for the link, I am totally going to do this!! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower and visiting from the GFC blog hop!
    Hope you are having a good day!

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  4. love quilts! wish i could make them!

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  5. Such an endearing story about your grandfather just ---made me smile men can be secretly so darn sweet in such a quiet and wonderful way you know what I mean.

    I like that you are finding comfort and joy in donating the quilts you create!

  6. I wish I knew how to sew! I am SO bad. My husband bought me a sewing machine, and I still can't sew :(

    Stop by my blog anytime! Hopefully I'll have something interesting!