Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My not so daily routine

You know that girl who can't step foot outside without her face being completely done up? The one who even her close friends had never seen her without make up? Well that girl used to be me. I was so self conscious about my appearance sans make up that I even wore make up to the pool! Waterproof mascara of course. Well I'm definitely glad to say that I am that girl no longer. I even go out in public without any make up on sometimes. Which is a huge step for me. But on most days when going to work or to go shopping I keep my routine pretty simple. At least simple for me.

I don't know about you but I love to see what other products people use. If someone writes about how much they love a product I usually try it out. So here's what I use on a daily basis...

1. Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil in CIA
I like the coverage this pencil provides and that it's so light (I have super fair skin). The only pain is that I thought it twisted up, no it has to be sharpened. Which causes a lot of waste and sharp edges.

2. Beauty Blender
These things are awesome. I'm sure you have seen them floating around the blog world. Personally I'm too cheap to spend $20 on a make up sponge. So I used my birchbox points to get two for free!

3. Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer with SPF
I have used this for the past few years and I really have no complaints. Other than their lightest shade is a little too dark for me sometimes. I told you SUPER fair skin. It lasts a really long time and sets really nicely with pressed powder.

4. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
I use the translucent shade, it helps with shine and like I said sets my make up very well.

5. Rimmel Natural Bronzer
This stuff is great for a little bit of color. A lot goes a long way so it lasts a long time.

6. Rimmel Blush in Pink Rose
I have used the same color for about 5 years now. It's subtle and inexpensive.

7. Too Faced Naked Eye Pallet 
The boyfriend got me this for a Christmas present two years ago and I still haven't run out. I'm not the most skilled at applying eye make up so having the colors laid out for me really helps. These pallets also include cards on how to apply them for different looks. It may seem kind of expensive but really you're getting 9 different eyeshadows that have great pigment.

8. Buxom Insider Eyeliner
This product is definitely something I probably won't buy again. I have always applied my eyeliner to the inside of my bottom eyelids and this has caused problems with smearing or running. This product boasts that it is specifically for the inside of the eye lid, yet I have the same problems. I can apply it in the morning and by lunch it's either gone or on the corners of my eyelids. But I'm still gonna use it 'til it's gone.

9. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
This is the best mascara hands down. I never have problems with clumping and it's cheap. I've tried more expensive drugstore and department store mascaras and they just don't compare.

10. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment
I am a lip balm queen. I don't really like things with color and just really love a good lip balm, so I pretty much have 10 different kinds at one time. But this one by Fresh is definitely my favorite. But I definitely don't like the price. $22.50 for lip balm? Seems kind of outrageous, I have only bought one tube and that lasted for a while. I recently got a mini one in my birthday gift from Sephora and rediscovered how much I love it. If you don't mind the price it's definitely worth it.

You also need something cute to store all this stuff in. This is my favorite bag right now.

p.s. all my links go to Sephora. I'm not being compensated by them I just love to shop there. I love that I can earn points for stuff I would already be buying. Plus they include your choice of 3 samples with every order. They also have great customer service, you can return anything even if it's used. If it's not for you they take it back.


  1. The top part of this entry totally could have been written by me! I would not go ANYWHERE with a least a tiny bit of makeup. I've always been a CoverGirl girl though.. I haven't been adventurous to try other brands..

  2. I've only recently gotten adventurous in trying new brands and I only try them if they have a TON of good reviews... lol