Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Six Memories...

I missed last week's link up but here's this weeks...

Six Memories

1. Meeting the Boyfriend
My mom introduced us and I was completely against it. 
Don't ask but we pretty much despised each other.
That was until we met in person not going to lie I knew he was the one at that exact moment.

2. Alpha Omicron Pi
These were two of the best years and almost every memory was a good one...

3. Moving Into Our House
I can't find any of the pictures of it being built so we'll just show a cute picture of Ripley as a puppy!

4. Our First Christmas Together In Our House
We all know how much I love Christmas

5. Graduating from College
I was so glad my grandparents could be there. I love them more than anything.

6. This little nugget calling me Uncle Dress...
She couldn't say Jess and always said Uncle instead of Auntie.. 
It's become a huge joke even 3 years later. 
Now she's 4 and tells me I completely frustrate her...


  1. Hi darling! Found you through Tuesday Topics.. Cracking up at the Uncle Dress! I have a friend who we call Jess Dress and it's always a tongue twister, so I can only imagine how it must have been for the little nugget!

  2. Such great memories Uncle Dress :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a cutie! Lol @ Uncle Dress!

    Visiting from the Tuesday Topics blog hop!


  4. Stopping by from Tuesday Topics. Your niece is such a cutie! I love " Uncle Dress." That's hilarious. I hope she keeps calling you that.