Monday, February 11, 2013

Yay for Monday!

Yay for Monday...said no one ever. 
Oh well I actually made an effort in my appearance today so that's a win for the week!
 Got to enjoy the little things.

In other news I was pretty absent from the blog last non existent. 
But I actually got projects done! I finally put up my shelves in my craft room. They've been sitting painted in the garage for a few months now. I finished a very small project/present for my AOII littles that I'm going to send them for Valentine's Day. I've also had the stuff for that for about a month.
I made them these cute little key fobs. I used some general direction from Prudent Baby
I did not fuse the fabric to the cotton webbing. 

Super easy project and now I want one for myself.

We had sweet and sour chicken twice this week! Homemade and it's amazing... 
I made it Wednesday and the boyfriend requested it again yesterday. 
He's one of the pickiest people I've met so I oblige him when I find something he really likes.

I took a picture of it cooking but not the finished project...yeah I'm that smart. 

Anyways here's to a good week! I'll be back tomorrow with Tuesday Topics since I totally missed that last week too. But projects are getting done and that's all that matters!

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