Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two Flowers...

Hello! Today I'm linking up with Lauren and Tiffany for another Tuesday Topics.

Today is two flowers...

So my whole life I've always said Tulips were my favorite. 
I don't know why they just always were.

It wasn't until a certain flower creeped into a bunch of artwork in my house 
that I realized how much I love poppies.

Second after poppies is definitely peonies. 

It might sound weird but peonies weren't even on my radar until Gossip Girl. 
Blair's favorite flower were peonies so they appeared on the show numerous times. 
They just look so romantic and delicate. I love them. 


  1. Love your favorite flowers! I think I have seen a poppy once! haha. They just aren't around here! They are pretty though. And peonies ARE delicate and so romantic looking! Such a wonderful summer flower! Happy Tuesday!