Tuesday, January 15, 2013

8 TV Shows...

This is kind of hard because I love TV... I've gotten a little better since we don't have cable. 
That's right I haven't had cable for almost 3 years. It's just something we don't see the point of spending $50+ on every month. We do have Netflix and Hulu and pay about $16 a month total. 
So I can still watch my shows. 

1. Friends
My favorite show of all time. 

2. Sons of Anarchy
This show is really well written and awesome...that's all there is too it.

3. Pretty Little Liars
I was totally anti this show before I started watching it...I love it though

4. Gossip Girl
I'm still depressed that last season was the finale. 

5. Revenge
This was another show I didn't want to get wrapped up in but I did!

6. Parenthood
This show has been pretty heart-wrenching lately

7. Gilmore Girls
My parents hated when I watched this show. They just thought they were annoying.
But I loved it! Still do. 

8. Supernatural
I've been in love with Jared Padalecki (on the right) since Gilmore Girls...random I've met his dad.


  1. friends and gilmore girls are AWESOME!

    parenthood is a good show,although i hae had to miss the last couple of seasons...

    nice list!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I got into Parenthood barely last season but it's addicting... like I said heart-wrenching this season...I've been in tears almost every episode!

  2. good to see someone else loves SOA!


    1. Yes! I secretly wish the boyfriend was in a mc... lol

  3. Friends is my all-time favorite as well. And glad to see another SOA fan. Something crazy is always going down on that show!!


    1. It totally is! I just got my mom hooked on it... it's hard to recommend to people just because some might find it offensive :/....

  4. That works out well since I am a Jensen Ackles fan. And SOA is beyond brilliant.

    1. I think they both have such great chemistry... I kind of got off the show when they started with the whole apocalypse thing but it drew me back in!

  5. I love TV, too! I loved Friends and still watch when I catch it on. And Parenthood is also really good!

    Stopping by from the link party!


    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm a big sap so whenever I see the series finale episode I cry like a big baby....