Wednesday, January 2, 2013

18 days...

Why is that when you are waiting for the vacation it feels like it's never going to come? 
But when it's actually the vacation it goes by in what feels like a day? 
Seriously, I do not know where the last 18 days went. 

Well at the beginning of my vacation we took a trip up to Ruidoso, NM to go skiing/snowboarding. 
I did not take any pictures... I'm a horrible blogger. 
In my defense we only got to go one day because the wind was so bad the next they closed the mountain. Talk about a major and expensive bummer. 

Then that weekend my grandparents came to visit for Christmas. Which I loved. I haven't seen them since June and really missed them. Once pictures! 

I did have a good couple of days in the Etsy shop. 
SEVEN sales in like 3 days. 
Doesn't seem like a lot but it definitely is not the norm. 
I had these huge plans to fill my shop with stuff and retake some pictures. Never got to it. 
The little downtime that I had was spent on my couch and I will not feel guilty about it. 

I totally missed the new Tuesday Topics! So we can just pretend it's Tuesday...which would be great because that would mean my vacation isn't over! Yay!

Ten New Year's Resolutions...

I've never really been one to have resolutions. I feel like if I set a goal it's not happening. But if I spontaneously decide to do it, it totally happens. 

So here are ten things I would like to do in the New Year

So cliche. But I really need to get off my butt and do something.

Be a better blogger
Maybe start actually planning my posts! That's an idea.

Expand my Etsy shop
I have some new ideas for things I'd like to put in my shop so now I just need to execute. 

Be a neater person
No I don't mean cooler because really I'm pretty awesome already. Totally kidding. 
I need to try and keep my house more neat! 
Of course this will only work if the boyfriend plans on doing it too!

Bake more
I used to love to bake. Now it feels like a hassle and I don't like that. So I'm going to start trying out new recipes. Starting with a Tiramisu Cheesecake! I've been planning on making this since the 23rd so I'm definitely getting it done at the latest this weekend.

Eat more vegetables
I guess this goes along the lines of eating better and I've already started this one! I make chicken a lot. The boyfriend loves it and I'm just not really a picky eater. But to make sure I'm eating better I've started just slicing the chicken up and putting it on a ton of spinach. It helps me feel full and not snack as much after dinner.

Focus on needs versus wants
I definitely have a shopping problem...which doesn't really stop when I don't have the cash for it. I've gotten a TON better since I was 18 and every credit card company in the world wants to give you one. But I need to be more conservative and focus on the fact that because I want it doesn't mean I need it.

Take more pictures
The last picture of the boyfriend and I is about a year old and the one before that? Ummm maybe 2 years. I definitely need to start taking more pictures. For the blog and so I'll have things to look at when I'm older and show the future kid (maybe plural we'll see how that first one is...) 

Walk Roxy more
She's still a puppy and definitely needs the exercise... This might have to wait until spring though. Since it's dark when I wake up and dark when I get home and I'm totally not walking around alone at night!

Keep my GPA up
I'm so excited to say that for my first semester of grad school I got a 4.0! 
I would like to keep it up this semester!

I know Christmas is over but I just had to share this...



  1. Oh bummer about Ruidoso. I haven't been up there post fire. How is it? Those look like great goals and a lot are similar to mine. We can do it!

    1. It's kind of sad because there are a lot of dead trees. I kept asking why they haven't started getting rid of them...I just feel like they're gonna fall on someone one I hope some of them get accomplished...