Monday, January 28, 2013

Being a Debbie Downer on a Monday

Warning! Some may interpret this post as being negative. 
It's a Monday so that's already enough negative for me but this has really been bugging me lately.

Pinterest is awesome and amazing. Before it existed I had like 10,000 bookmarks. 
(if Dane Cook were reading this he'd scold me for my exaggeration...see what I'm talking about)

But I have a few pet peeves with the pinners of Pinterest...
I may or may not have mentioned them before.

But this post is not about all of them..they are numerous.


The #1 Pinterest Peeve for me right now is:

People who pin an item from Etsy with a caption/comment that says something along the lines of:
 "This would be so easy to make"
"They're charging how much for this?!"
"I could make this for so much cheaper."

Umm well yes Etsy is a handmade site so yes it is possible to make everything on there. 
But the artist has taken their time to create it, make it and sell it to someone who has no desire to try.

By complaining about a price you are basically saying that their time is not valuable. 
Hey! I get it I'm not rolling in it either. 
But being upset about a mass manufactured product's price versus an item someone took time out of their day to create is very different. 

So let's recap... 

Sorry to be a negative nancy...but I needed to vent and now I feel better...

And just so you know I have not stumbled upon anything in my shop that was pinned that have these comments so it's not a personal vendetta I have. 

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