Thursday, January 24, 2013

Living without cable...

So almost 3 years ago I was a TV junkie. Always had it on loved every minute of it!
Then the boyfriend and I moved into our house and decided not to get cable. Well, he decided! 
He grew up without it so really wasn't that hooked on it.
Since I was a poor college student at the time I agreed. Did I miss it in the beginning? 
Ummm yeah...that's an understatement. 
But with the creation of instant streaming through Netflix and Hulu Plus I don't even think about it. 
Sure there are times when I miss me some Lifetime Network...or the continuous Friends reruns. 
But I'm really saving a ton of money. 
For Hulu Plus I pay $7.99 a month. That's it. 
Netflix only $8.59
(I only have streaming not DVD's. I jumped ship when they changed the way they charge.)

So for $16.58 a month I get unlimited access to all my favorite TV shows and a bunch of movies. 

I like them because I can access them on all of my devices:
 Xbox, Wii, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop, iPad...everything

So this sounds like a plug? Yeah I know but I thought I'd just share this idea for those of you who might be tired of paying for cable with a bunch of different channels that you never watch. 

I'm not being compensated for this post. I just thought I'd share it since I talked about my cable-less existence last week....womp womp womp...

But if you want to try out Hulu Plus if you click on this link and sign up you can get 2 weeks free. 

In this spirit of full disclosure if you do click on the link/sign up I get 2 weeks free too...


  1. In the spirit of saving money and living more simply, we reduced our Directv package earlier this month. The basic package is still $55 plus we have to lease the 2 receivers. It is such a ripoff! We have Netflix (which has REALLY improved in terms of selection over the last year), but haven't gotten to the point of cancelling cable. Perhaps we will get to that steps. :) I like the idea of Hulu and Netflix...they probably compensate for gaps in the others content.

    1. Hulu is definitely my saving grace for the new stuff. Netflix has helped me get into shows that I wouldn't have watched before. It's definitely great for saving money...