Monday, July 23, 2012

$5 to save my sanity...

Hello there!

Weekends always seem so short to me. Of course not doing anything but watch movies all day on Saturday and having to do everything (laundry, grocery shopping, dusting/vacuuming, dishes, etc.) on Sunday can kind of shorten up the weekend.

I have mentioned it before but I'll say it again, my kitchen leaves a lot to the imagination in the organizing department. There doesn't seem to be enough space for anything. Especially my ever growing collection of tupperware. I just got a new 22 piece set because the previous 15 piece just wasn't enough and didn't have enough various sizes. Where was I going to put all this new tupperware? Same place I always a pile in our corner cabinet.

I promise I didn't stage this photo. This is how it always looks. Definitely not organized and definitely not easy to grab a piece of tupperware/lid. When I start to think about the disorganized aspects of my house I tend to get hives anxiety. It drives me nuts and I want to fix it immediately. So during my lunch I ran over to the dollar store to look for some storage solutions. I was pretty much expecting to spray paint since anything I would find would probably be neon. Happily, no spray painting was necessary because I found these guys.

Excuse the counter mess. I told you I missed cleaning day!

When I got home I pulled everything out and tried to find the best solution. First I thought I'd use a few containers so that the tupperware and lids could stay together. Didn't work. Epic fail actually. So I chose the easy route and just organized all the lids into one container.

After that I moved some things around on our lazy susan and put the tupperware on the top shelf so that they're actually easier to see and grab. See nice and organized.

The lids did not fit however. So they found a new home right next door under the sink. I know sounds gross but it's actually really clean down there.

While I was at it I used a couple containers to wrangle all the plastic bags in the world. I have that many, definitely need to start recycling them more often or invest in some reusable ones. Also, I used another container to organize all my cleaning supplies that live under the sink.

Found a use for another container to hold my potatoes in the pantry and keep them up off the floor. I still have one more of my nifty containers and think it would make the perfect fabric scrap home. I might actually go pick up a few more to help get my craft/guest room organized.

This project cost me $5 and saved my sanity.

Next time I promise I'll use my big girl camera instead of my iPhone.

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