Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My name is...

My name is Jessica and I am addicted to fabric... (cue, "Hi Jessica!"). But seriously if I had an infinite amount of extra spending money it would be spent on fabric. Fabric is my addiction and fabric.com is my enabler. I love them. Their prices are great and so is their customer service. Not to mention the selection is ridiculous and huge plus they are always having some kind of sale. Not necessarily good for someone like me but hey it doesn't hurt to window shop right? And with the invention of Pinterest I can now create a neat little wish list to remind of stuff I've liked. I need to get rid of the 10+ yards I currently have before I can buy anymore fabric or I'll need it all to keep me warm after the boyfriend throws me out for filling the house with fabric.

Here are just some fabrics I've had my eyes on lately:

I mainly make things for children so while all these fabrics are different they would definitely work as some really cute blankets, burp cloths, or other accessories. I especially love the Heirloom Blockprint, it would be a great print to add to a classic nursery.

*I have not been compensated by fabric.com or any of the designers of this fabric. If they want to feed my addiction and send me some fabric I am more than open to discussing that. 

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