Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guilty Pleasures...

I have plenty of guilty pleasures... awesome 90's music for one. I LOVE me some Soundgarden, The Cranberries, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bush, Alanis Morisette, Liz Phair, Jewel... this list could go on forever. Sometimes I like to watch Dawson's Creek on netflix just because they played some awesome music, that is if you are able to tune out the constant teenage angst! Geez never realized it when I was an angsty teenager... and yes I know angsty is not a word... 

But my biggest guilty pleasure has to be celebrity gossip... trust me I know, one of the worst things to love. But I do love it. Even though the Kardashians ANNOY THE CRAP OUT OF ME... I can't help wanting to know what Kourtney named her baby or what's the latest going on with Khloe and her baby dreams. Kim is the one I do stay away from, she annoys me on a whole different level and now that she's paired up with Kanye I cannot handle it. (I dislike him more than any person should dislike someone they've never met.) Now I do realize that by reading about them I am keeping them famous and perpetuating the vicious cycle that is their family. But I cannot control myself I tell you. 

The Katie Homes/Tom Cruise divorce? I was all over that one. Me and mom would have lengthy discussions about what the latest news was with their divorce. (Hmmm maybe I have her to blame for this.) Also, I realize that taking entertainment away from someone's divorce makes me a horrible person. But what can I say? Does it help if I was on her side?

What was the inspiration behind writing an entire post about my little sickness guilty pleasure? E! has changed their website. Now most people wouldn't care about this. But you're messing with the way I get my gossip people. I loathe the new website. 

I miss my old E! News that let me read the beginning of the article before forcing me to waste a click by grabbing me with a headline that really has nothing to do with the story. 

That's it and I promise to never bother you with my insanity again.... 

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