Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday Topics

This Tuesday starts another weekly link-up with Life.Love.Lauren and Austin Family Diary! I really enjoyed the previous link-up am sure I love this one too!

This week is 10 things you would do with a million dollars...

 Pay off my student loans

This would relieve a lot of pressure on me...

Pay off our current house and put what we would pay in mortgage into 
savings for another house...like this!

3. New cars for me and the boyfriend

Tiguan for me...

The boyfriend's favorite car changes every day so he might need a lease...lol

Donate to a local animal rescue...is it weird that if I won one of the big jackpots I would totally open up a pug/german shepherd rescue? 

Invest and Save!
Want to make at least a little bit of it last...

 Go on a few vacations

A million dollars would be nice...
Speaking of which the Powerball is up to 143 million maybe this is a sign I need to play


  1. Paying off that student loan debt is #1 on my list too...followed closely by a new car for both my hubs and I :)

  2. I found your blog on the Tuesday Topics link up and we have pretty similar lists. How awesome would that overwater bungalow be?! Man oh man I'd LOVE to go there.