Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving break...

So my Thanksgiving break was filled with a lot of this:

I feel like I never have time to walk Roxy anymore because it's always dark when I get up and dark when I get home. So I walked her every day over the break to try and make up for my slacking. 

She must not have appreciated the exercise though because on Sunday she did this:

Roasted potatoes and corningware everywhere! Oh yeah and melted butter over my freshly mopped floor. She also ate a huge piece of leftover steak, that I was going to use in a salad... The picture is so blurry from pure anger. She was full of steak and potatoes but spent the night in her kennel.

I did manage to clean a little bit. 
Got around to cleaning our closet but out of shame there is no before picture. 

Imagine not being able to see the floor and all of those shoes under the mess on the floor...
it was pretty bad... 
p.s. I might have a shoe problem. These are only the ones without boxes.
I have about 30 more pairs on the shelf above the clothes... 

So minus losing a dish this break was much needed!

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