Thursday, November 15, 2012

Finally Focused....

So last week I talked about how I usually just bounce around from project to project and quickly lose interest in the one I'm working on. Well I'm here to say I have finally found some focus. I decided to focus on my master bedroom and it's actually working. 

I bought the biggest fluffiest comforter I could find and couldn't be any happier with it. 

Via: Overstock
It's definitely oversized. The boyfriend thinks it might be too that's possible. It's super fluffy and I love it. Yes it's white and yes I have dogs but I came up with a solution for that too. I bought a nice soft blanket to cover it when we're sleeping and the dogs are on the bed. That way it's easy to throw in the wash and it protects the white comforter. 

Via: World Market
I got two of these accent tables to use as night stands. I've been looking everywhere for some affordable options and these are just what I wanted. They match the other table in the room and they're small since we don't have a lot of space on either side of the bed. 

The lamps I currently have may be too big and might not go with the rest of the room. So I might have to replace them which makes me sad since I love them so much. I also need some accent pillows, new curtains, and some art. But I'm making progress and that's all that matters!

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