Monday, November 12, 2012

Let there be....darkness!

We usually keep our house pretty dark. We don't really ever open up blinds or curtains and our room is usually pitch black throughout the day. One thing we could not get around was our back door. The door has a huge window and let in a ton of light into the living room. Usually right onto the TV to create an annoying glare. I always knew I wanted to cover it with some kind of window treatment but just couldn't figure out what to do. I didn't want to drill into the door so I figured it was just something we had to deal with. Until I discovered that there are magnetic curtain rods! 

Via: Lowes
The rods were $13.97 a piece and I needed two. So not the cheapest they could be but it's okay since I saved money in the other part of the project. 

I started looking for curtain panels but all of them were way too long so I would have to hem them up a lot. Then I remembered that some people in blogland were using table cloths as curtains! I headed on over there and picked up a plain brown table cloth that was the exact length I needed. You want to double the width so you can get a good scrunch going on. 

I took everything home and almost got super lucky. The hem on the table cloths was open but a little too small for the rod. Oh well...I pulled out the sewing machine and just folded over the ends to create a rod pocket.  

After I got everything up I was left with this:

Sorry for the crappy blocks so much light I had to turn on the overhead light. It blocks out so much light, our house is literally dark all day. I've actually been opening the blinds to let a little light in.

The boyfriend loves it...he says I've created the perfect "gaming" environment...he's a nerd.

The dogs have only pulled it down once on top of me. Let me tell you those magnets are heavy duty. 

It was the perfect easy project. Total cost? About $35. The table cloth was only $9 with a coupon. Half the price of a curtain panel and lot less need for adjustments. Plus it will be super simple/cheap if I decide I want to change it out.

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