Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Topics: 10 things that make you happy

A new round of Tuesday Topics!
These are great because they keep me a somewhat consistent blogger.

I've been busy playing around on my brand new iMac at work.
I've also been glued to the Jodi Arias trial. I can't help it. I really just want it over already. 
So some peace for the families can be had.

But today's topic are 10 things that make me happy.
I'm gonna try and keep it light.

1. The boyfriend
He drives me crazy most of the time but I'm happiest with him.

2. My puppies
Especially today I went home and Roxy is always just so excited to welcome me home. 

3. Rain!
I really want to wear my new wellies and need some rain so I don't look crazy.

4. Good News
Huffington Post has an entire section that is just good news. 
I love reading it when I'm feeling disappointed in humanity.

5. Family
Especially my niece and nephew. I always love to see them.

6. Ladybugs
Or ladybug things to stash around my desk and house.

7. My new bike helmet.

Yes I'm aware I'm ridiculous

8. Online Shopping
I'm definitely not an instant gratification kind of girl. 
I'd rather scope out the best deal from the comfort of my couch.

9. Trenta Green Teas from Starbucks
Never ordered trenta before. It was a must today.

10. My Flowers
These babies have survived my black thumb. Apparently the boyfriend has been keeping them watered.
I just thought they were miracles. Even though it's weird none of the purple ones are blooming.


  1. Online shopping > in-store shopping. Plus then you get mail, which is also super fun.

    And I want to buy a pair of Hunter Boots...especially since we've been getting TONS of rain lately! Still haven't online shopped my way to a good deal on those yet. :(

    1. Yeah I finally took the plunge and got some Hunters... I found them on Ebay for a little cheap than the website. Surprisingly Groupon has them pretty often! They usually have only certain colors but they're a good price!

  2. Ladybugs are fun! They are one of my favorites, too!


    1. I do love them! My mom has always called me JBug so they've always been "my thing". lol

  3. I didn't know that about the Huffington Post! That is awesome! Glad you are continuing on with Tuesday Topics!! :-)

    1. Yes it's awesome when I need a pick me up! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/good-news/

  4. Oh, I love some online shopping. Ad then it just shows up at your door like Christmas!

    Visiting from Tuesday Topics!