Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project ADD

I have so many half done projects.
Or I've bought all the materials for one project and haven't even started.

Remember the brush roll? Yeah, almost done!
Slowly but surely I'm going to finish it.
All that's left is the actual sewing.

When I was in high school I took Art and LOVED it.
Watercolors were especially my favorite.
So I decided to order some paints so I can start doing it again.

Oh yeah I bought a charm pack a couple months ago to make a quilt.
But I still need backing fabric and batting.

And yesterday I decided that I want to start doing embroidery again.
I need to go buy a hoop, fabric, and floss.

But wait! I really need a strap for my yoga mat.
Good thing I bought the fabric and velcro for that.

I also really need to make a matching bag for my brush roll.

Oh crap! Mother's Day is next week and my little's 25th birthday!
I need to do something special for her and the moms in my life.

But wait I still haven't finished the original project I have been working on.

This is just a trip into my brain and how it works.
I partly blame Pinterest.

It somehow always comes full circle though.

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