Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day Gift...

So I'm kind of lame and still make my mom something for Mother's Day.

My mom is seriously so hard to shop for and 
she always says she appreciates something that takes some thought.
My mom also loves her Chihuahuas. 
I know most people hate them but for some reason my mom loves them.
So last year I made her a desk calendar with pictures of her dogs.

This year I decided to try out my embroidery skills and I made this:

She really liked it...or at least she said she did.

I really loved the sublime stitching pattern it was super easy to transfer and came with a color guide.
Best of all it was cheap and it comes with a bunch of images so you can design your own arrangement.

If you're wanting to get into embroidery and need fun unique patterns I would definitely recommend them.

p.s. Sublime Stitching has no idea who I am. 
I've just been really enjoying doing some embroidery. I need to learn more stitches!

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