Monday, April 15, 2013

When I said I meant it?

So a couple weeks ago I said I had a new project to post...and I quote "really mean it."

Well I suck and I barely even started it!
Trying to start and finish a sewing project the weekend of Easter is just not a good idea.
Everything is closed on Sunday and I forgot to go Saturday
so I didn't have fabric until the next week. 

I started with this really pretty maritime chevron fabric from Riley Blake. 
I have been planning on making a brush roll and a new make up bag for some time
but couldn't find any fabric I loved.
Until this aqua chevron.
I loooove it.

But I needed to find some kind of lining fabric.
 I started out looking for a light pink or a stenciled white.
I ended up with this great white fabric that has silver pin dots.
I got the last yard.

Here's what I'm working with:
 photo Fabrics_zpsfa39e57f.jpg

My big girl camera is acting funny so I had to settle for some iPhone pics. 

Now I've never really been good with patterns.
I'm more of a figure it out as you go girl. 
So I used some tissue paper to use as my template. 

I measured my longest brush with some extra room to figure out the dimensions. 
 photo Measuring_zpsa7639c11.jpg

Then for the length I just laid all of my brushes spaced out.
 photo Estimate_zps02219c86.jpg
I left some extra room in case I add to my collection.

I used a CD that just so happened to be laying on the table to round out my corners. 
Like I said I'm a figure it out as you go kind of girl. 
Well this girl forgot about interfacing! 
It would've been so much easier to cut out the fabric 
if I had remembered to iron on the interfacing.

Oh well you live and you learn. 
After I pinned my template to my fabrics I lazily happily cut them out.

Here is what I was left with:
 photo Pieces_zps82ee3bfd.jpg
p.s. you should always iron your fabrics beforehand. OOPS!

So I ran out of time and didn't get to finish
 but I did lay it together to see how it would look.
 photo Maybe_zps2502cae4.jpg

I'm very excited! I'll be back Wednesday with the finished product.
I still have to add interfacing, cut out another piece of the lining to secure the brushes, 
possibly laminate the lining, and bind the whole thing... 
I love it so far though! 
I will also have some measurements when it's all said and done.

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