Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Four Sites

I'm kind of an internet junkie... 

Four sites that I visit daily are:

I have about 1,700 pins right now and I've slowed down alot... 

I've actually gotten used to it and kind of like it better than google reader. 
I get to actually see everyone's blog designs! Follow me here!

The Weather Channel
I usually check this out while I'm laying in bed so I can plan what I'm wearing. 

All my trashy tabloids
USMagazine, Eonline, TMZ, People... 
It's a guilty pleasure what can I say?!

I also catch up on the news. Since we don't have cable the internet is my only resource. 
I mean minus going to the store to actually buy a newspaper. But who does that?
Just kidding! I do sometimes.

The Austin Family Diary


  1. I've started really liking Bloglovin', too! I used to only use the Blogger reader, but now I prefer the Bloglovin' one!

    1. I was straight google reader for years! I was so bummed when they said it was going away but now I love bloglovin' and don't even look at my google reader!