Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Topics: 6 Instagram Pictures


It's another Tuesday for Tuesday Topics and this time it is 6 Instagram pictures. 
I kind of jumped on this train late and still reach for the iPhone camera rather than the Instagram app but I've compiled 6 of my favorites!

I just got these slippers from Bath and Body Works and I looove them. I asked for them for Christmas but I couldn't help myself. It finally feels like winter around here so I needed to keep my tootsies warm!

Buster and Ripley like to snuggle sometimes.

Or Ripley likes to hog the bed for himself! No joke I got up to get ready came back in the bedroom and he was laying in my spot.

Yummy green tea in my favorite new travel mug. 

I got some of my first actual mail orders on my Etsy store so I made these cute little inserts!

Last but not least my favorite picture so far.

All the green is my vacation days! Yay 18 days off!!

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