Wednesday, December 12, 2012


So the boyfriend bought a juicer a couple months ago and since then he drinks juice about 4 times a week. He doesn't really like a lot of vegetables and definitely doesn't eat enough fruit. So we figured this was the best way to make sure both of us is getting what we need.

We have tried a bunch of different concoctions but I generally make the same one all the time. 

We'll call it the Lean Green Juice. 

This one doesn't have any of the green vegetables that make you think you're drinking a salad.
During our juicing experiment we have discovered the boyfriend is pretty allergic to Kale. Random. 
So I like to stick with this one.

It's just a couple handfuls of spinach, two carrots, and 3 small apples. 

For more of the green color throw in some more spinach. I swear you cannot taste the spinach at all. The apple really sweetens it up.

I have also tried apple and carrot together and it's really good. Or orange and carrot. The boyfriend is worried we're going to turn orange because I use carrot in everything!

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