Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree...

I was pretty behind in the decorations department this year. Usually my tree is up before Thanksgiving. I know I'm one of those people. But this year it didn't make it up until November 28th...then wasn't decorated until like the 30th. Like I was I was WAAAY behind.

For some reason this year I hate all my ornaments. Don't ask me why they just look like chaos to me. 

The ornaments are still there but when the tree is not lit I hate them. My lights are also all kinds of crazy but that's okay. I decided to not wind them this year and instead just draped them up and down. I also added red. We usually only use white. But I love that it finally feels like Christmas.

My favorite decorations this year?

I love these little birds. I picked them up at Target last year at the after Christmas sales. I feel like they definitely need names. Penelope and Stan perhaps? 

They just hang out on my toaster oven and I love them. 

On another note Roxy apparently hates reindeer. This was proven by her attacking a neighbor's yard decorations. Straight up growling/attack bite status on that poor baby reindeer. Thankfully I snatched her back before she was able to latch on. 

What is your favorite Christmas decoration this year or every year?

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