Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why I'm starting to dislike blogging/pinterest….

Does anyone else feel like doing domestic tasks were easier before blogging & Pinterest?

Sure Pinterest has a million and one ideas derived from blogging about how to clean that stubborn soap scum on your shower. Or here's fifty different schedules and templates to help keep your house clean. 

I've tried the home binder, I've tried the templates but guess what? 
Unless these pieces of paper are going to channel the home decor from Beauty & the Beast and come to life they aren't going to clean my house. All they do is make me feel guilty about not having a clean house or being the perfect housekeeper/cook/hostess. 

And I get it…these kind of systems work for other people. But they don't work for me. 
I mean who has time to complete like 10 different cleaning tasks daily while doing all the other stuff people have to do in a day? Let's be real and show more pictures of what our houses look like on the daily. If just to show people that even the domestic goddesses of Pinterest sometimes have more important priorities than cleaning their toilets with Coca-Cola or boiling orange peels and vinegar to make their own cleaning solution. 

And if you're an OCD cleaner whose house is ready for company on any given day of the week? 
I'm sorry we can't be friends. 

Totally kidding just don't judge me when you come over and get dog hair on your pants. 
What can I say? My dogs live here, you don't. 

Just because I love gifs…

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