Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pinteresting Things

So one of my favorite things is Pinterest. I just think the concept of it is pretty awesome. No more trying to follow every bookmark or filling up your hard drive with random pictures. It definitely inspires me to create, but also distracts me from actually creating the great things that I find! Here are a few things catching my eye lately that I need to get on with making.

Raggedy Scallop Baby Quilt:

I just found this on Ucreate today and fell in love, hard. I love this for a few reasons but one of the main ones is the fabric is adorable! I love Riley Blake and that hasn't changed with their new collection "Apple of my Eye".  Also, the scallops create visual interest and up the cuteness factor. The only problem is who would I make this for? It's honestly so cute I would think about saving it for a future baby but then watch I'd only have boys.

Car Seat Cover For Your Dogs

This is definitely something I need to invest in making. Not only does it keep hair off the seat but it protects the dog from falling off if you need to make a sudden stop. Of course, I drive a Honda Civic Coupe so my 80 lb German Shepherd is definitely not in danger of falling off the seat (he'd have nowhere to go!). But his hair gets EVERYWHERE. He loves to take rides but the clean up afterwards totally outweighs his happiness. I always seem to forget about his shedding problem. This tutorial would definitely help with the cleanup and could easily be stored in my trunk.

Chevron Blankets/Quilts

Now I know I'm not the only one who is in love with chevron. I can't get over how popular it has become recently. In fact I didn't even really care for it until I saw these two blankets. The first blanket from Aesthetic Nest inspired me to try my hand at making your own chenille from layers of flannel. She has a great tutorial on every step. I even have the same chevron sitting in my stash just waiting for me to create this blanket. We'll see if I ever do. I love that the blanket is quilted without actually having to piece anything, you just follow the chevron lines. The second blanket brought me on over to Blue Elephant Stitches just to find out she was retiring from blogging! How depressing for me since I just discovered her! But she left her followers with a picture of this beautiful baby blanket. I love the chevron and the dandelions together. Not to mention the yellow and taupe. Something similar is definitely on my to do list. 
These are only 4 of my 1211 pins. I might have a problem. Check out my pinterest if you don't believe me.....

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