Thursday, December 26, 2013

We're not there yet...

But I am so ready for 2013 to be over.

While it definitely had it's ups and downs I feel like I've had more bad luck then good. 
Thirteen is an unlucky number after all. 

I've been in 3 count them 3 car crashes this year! With one just being on Sunday.
The first one was probably 75% my fault. 
The second one was deemed 50% but I still believe I was just a victim.
The third and hopefully final I was 100% INNOCENT. 
If you're going to get in a crash I guess that's the kind you want to be in.
My poor little car is definitely taking a beating.

After 25 years my parents are getting divorced.
Scary to share with the world (or all 36 of my followers) considering only 2 of my friends know.
But I like to keep it real so yeah. Divorce not fun no matter how old you are.

I don't want to be a Debbie Downer so moving on!

What good came of this year?

 I got a great job that I really like. 
For the first time since I started working at the young age of 15 I have no desire to look for another job.
It's pretty awesome. 

I guess that cancels out the 2 car crashes that were possibly partially my fault.

and just because I feel like this sometimes. 
 photo tumblr_mxvb0ql7hZ1rjid86o1_250_zpsb9a94335.gif
 photo tumblr_mxvb0ql7hZ1rjid86o2_250_zps9f7c81ac.gif


  1. I kinda stumbled upon this randomly, but I'm sorry you had such a crappy year! It sounds like a doozy. But I thought I should let you know I like reading your blog posts :)

    1. Thanks :(….lol 2014 is going to be awesome though I know it! I'm glad someone enjoys them…hey I see you have a blog but no posts, get on it! Of course I should be using that advice as my posts are so sporadic.