Monday, June 17, 2013

Possible Sun Poisoning...

So the boyfriend and I are doing a huge overhaul of the backyard.
Two years ago we paid a great landscaping guy to come do the backyard...
We had beautiful grass and plants and it was awesome.
Until weeds took over everything because of some seed they laid down.
Then they came back and redid the grass. 
That's when they laid grass on top of our surrounding wood chips.
Not a great idea.
Grass started growing everywhere and wouldn't you know it the weeds came back.
Fast forward a year.
We decided to be kind generous people and save a dog from the rescue.
A dog who is pretty much Satan herself. 
Who had been neglected her whole life and freaks out if you even leave the room.
Well even putting her outside caused her to panic. 
Fast forward to last week. 
Two of our cypresses were destroyed by spider mites. 
About 5 plants were eaten by the aforementioned Satan dog.
The drip system became a tug of war toy.
The grass was killed on purpose by the boyfriend because "it was the only way to kill the weeds."

So today was spent getting rid of the surrounding woods chips because
1. They were grass ridden
2. They're birch and Ripley is HIGHLY ALLERGIC
3. They absorb everything and I mean everything 

It already looks so much better just without the wood chips. 
We then fixed the drip system so we can finally water our remaining plants.

This weekend will be spent taking the wood chips to the dump. 
They are piled on one side of our yard right now.
Laying down new felt. Possibly getting some rock. Possibly planting replacements.

I'm already super sunburned and was quite convinced after hour 6 that I was going to die. 
We'll see how it goes this weekend. 

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